Prepare for more music and mischief as
The Bopps return to Nick Jr. for a second series

Nickelodeon today announces a second series of The Bopps, Nick Jr.’s live action sing-along show for pre-schoolers. Twelve new episodes featuring typically British music and humour will be shown everyday from 27th June at 7.35am in the Wake Up World morning block. The series is produced in-house by Nickelodeon UK.

The Bopps duo are Stan Cullimore (founding member of 80s British pop group The Housemartins)and Keith Littler (producer of hit UK kids shows such as Merlin and Little Red Tractor). Each episode begins with a slapstick comedy sketch usually featuring Stan Bopp playing a trick on poor Keith Bopp. Expect squirrel costumes, invisible bikes and even a magic remote control that changes people’s clothes! The Bopps then perform one of their catchy songs, which will bring out a love for music in pre-schoolers. Songs include Hungry Squirrel, Dizzy the Dragon and The Holiday Song.


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