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     Louis Vuitton development in the early 1850s, LV rely on quality to win the first group of consumers - aristocratic palace. For them, the reason to buy LouisVuitton is simple: convenience. During this period the target consumers for LV, LV represents quality; strictly speaking, LV advocate brand meaning “travel” concept has not yet fully formed. In the era of mass media that no, LV came to be in the upper mid-stream open society, mainly relying on word of mouth (Word-of-MouthCommunications) among members of the upper class. As the French aristocrat travel footprint, this word of mouth has spread throughout Europe, initially in Europe between the palace, and later spread to continental Europe nobles. These people‘s word of mouth to increase credibility also increases the LV brand identity texture and consumer groups.
19th century, the rapid development of the capitalist economyLouis Vuitton only meet the bourgeois upstart items hope to use the court, with the money to get the identity of the replacement, but also to provide them with the aristocracy can enjoy the special services - special order. This service is completely designed for the individual needs of consumers, on the ease of use can maximize the meet consumer demand; at the same time every year and only a few pieces of expensive customized products to meet the target consumer to highlight its the new nobility psychological needs. Delicate, simple and practical “travel philosophy” has become the core brand unchanged for 150 years. At Louis Vuitton gradually establish a refined, elegant, noble brand image when they were greedy imitators theft. This has not only affected the development of Louis Vuitton, but also to stimulate the creativity of George Vuitton • 1896, he designed the popular Monogram pattern combinations: four petals in a circle painted on the outside, there are anti-white stars shaped diamond, star and the words LV, to express respect for his father.
Birth “LV” trademark has great significance for Louis Vuitton. It makes Louis Vuitton began as a symbol of the brand inject people’s ideas, it opens the era of Louis Vuitton brand has become a symbol representative of Louis Vuitton products. “LV” is a noble symbol of people’s minds, with the “LV” and the desire to have “LV” who formed a common psychological values and emotional experience

Louis Vuitton name has now spread throughout Europe as a symbol of the finest travel products.

       Since 1854, from generation to generation since Louis Vuitton, excellent quality, outstanding creativity and craftsmanship became a symbol of fashion travel art. Products include handbags, travel goods, small leather goods, accessories, footwear, clothing, watches, fine jewelry and personalized custom services.
In 1852, Louis Vuitton has created a revolutionary flat-top leather case, and in Paris, opened the first shop. Like today, his design will soon be copied, flat square suitcase become the trend. Louis Vuitton luggage gray canvas cladding is the first, in 1896, Louis Vuitton‘s son George, the father of the abbreviated name L & V with the flower pattern, design today is still renowned monogram printed on rough sail (MonogramCanvas) styles. From the initial design to the present, India has “Louis Vuitton” symbol of this unique pattern monogram canvas bag, along with a wealth of legendary and elegant design and become a fashion classic. For 100 years, the world has experienced many changes, people‘s pursuits and aesthetic concepts also will change, but not only the reputation of Louis Vuitton, Zoran, and now maintains an unparalleled charm. Louis Vuitton name has now spread throughout Europe as a symbol of the finest travel products.